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The Le Jeu Du Destin Antique is a fascinating 32-card deck that offers a rich tapestry of symbolism and divinatory potential. Originating in the 19th century, this deck is a historical artifact that reflects the cultural and artistic milieu of its time. Each card is meticulously crafted, featuring a circled set number that follows a descending order akin to traditional playing cards, from the Ace of Hearts to the 7 of Clubs. These numbers not only provide a structured sequence but also correspond to specific meanings within the cartomancy practice.

In addition to the set numbers, each card incorporates a small inset that mirrors the face of a playing card, grounding the deck in familiar iconography while also expanding its interpretative scope. The larger scenes depicted on the cards are where the deck truly comes alive; human figures are portrayed engaging in various activities, subtly embodying the card's significance. This layer of imagery invites contemplation and interpretation, allowing the reader to delve into the narrative woven into each card.



At the top right corner of each card, one finds a mnemonic symbol drawn from classical sacred imagery. The court cards are adorned with the signs of the Zodiac, connecting them to astrological traditions and cosmic symbolism. The pip cards, on the other hand, feature an array of Greco-Roman gods and goddesses, infusing the deck with mythological depth and esoteric knowledge. These symbols serve as visual cues that enhance the divinatory experience, providing additional layers of meaning to explore.

The central figures in the deck are dressed in mid-19th century and classical costumes, rendered in a style that was typical of European art during that period. This choice of attire not only situates the deck within a specific historical context but also adds a layer of aesthetic appeal. The classical costumes evoke a sense of timelessness and connect the deck to a lineage of artistic and spiritual traditions.

The Le Jeu Du Destin Antique deck is more than just a tool for fortune-telling; it is a gateway to a bygone era, offering insights into the beliefs and practices of the past. Its intricate design and symbolic complexity make it a valuable piece for collectors, historians, and practitioners of cartomancy alike. For those seeking to understand the mysteries of fate and destiny, this deck provides a unique and enriching medium through which to explore the ancient arts of divination and symbolism.

$38.00 inc. tax
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